About the Artist

Eleonora Goretkin is an accomplished artist and designer with a BA in Visual Arts from the Escola de Belas Artes (School of Fine Arts) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Her art depicts and celebrates emotions and relationships with multiple themes and creativity. Eleonora's positive energy, spiritual enthusiasm, and inspirational romanticism is evident in her delightful artworks.
She is always inventing new styles and visual languages to explore many artistic possibilities, unique designs, graphic arts, installations, paintings, photography, and sculptures. When not working in her art, Eleonora loves to sing, play guitar, compose music, and write poetry. These skills and experiences, along with her Brazilian heritage has given her a unique and innovative body of work.

About Us

We are pleased to offer museum quality limited edition fine art prints created by the talented contemporary artist Eleonora Goretkin. 
Our limited edition on canvas are printed directly onto an archival certified, 100% cotton canvas. An archival acrylic varnish protects, preserves, and enhances the artwork. All artworks are printed, hand-made, and shipped from the USA.
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